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Initial phone cases 

The big new craze is having your name on your phone case, sounds amazing no more confusion of who’s phone is who’s ! So I thought I would buy one and see if the craze lived up to my expectations so straight away I looked it up online and lots of websites came up. I decided that I didn’t really want to spend £25 – £30 on them as most of the good ones were around this price mark so I went on eBay and found some for as cheap as £3 !! But I chose the £7 option which was still a mistake as its not the most amazing quality. So my overall opinion is that it’s only really worth getting the £25 as the £7 is not good quality at all.


The new craze kiini bikinis…. Or are they 

So this summer the kiini bikinis are the new swimwear craze, the only downside to this is that many of us unfortunately don’t have £300 to spend on one bikini so the solution Depop or Amazon.

Depop – think of this of a cross between Amazon/eBay and Instagram. To put it into summary it’s an app where you can search for the newest trendy clothing from shops and sellers from about everywhere and find the newest coolest garms, but hopefully a little bit cheaper !

And Amazon well I hope most people have heard of Amazon the worlds easiest place to buy anything it really is one click and you’re done great for some awful for addicts.

So the verdict- I am addicted to Depop I just think it’s so cool and a new way to buy things so I bought my kiini off there for £18 and this was including 1st class postage to Spain.

I am completely in love with this bikini it is so well designed and just looks amazing with any type of tan and comes in so many different colours it’s defiantly a must have.

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